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Videographers are trained to capture your wedding day and then create a cinematic film. The memory of your wedding will never fade away with a wedding film. Our team of highly trained individuals pride themselves in producing memorable wedding films that tell a story. We shoot our films in HD where the quality will always remain of high standard.  


Photography is a form of art which allows you to value a moment that becomes a forever memory. Our trained photographers have the artistic ability to document and produce contemporary images. Our style of photography is showing our clients the raw emotion of a moment with a soft but natural approach.  We are strong believers in creating photo-journalistic images that can be passed down to the next generation.


Our Pre-shoots focus more on creating personal and intimate moments with the couple. The aim of our complimentary Pre-shoots is to get the couple used to being in-front of the camera. Before the Pre-shoot, we discuss the vision and style you want for your images. This will then help determined the type of location and outfits that are required. We believe having a Pre-shoot enables you to build a strong rapport with your photographers.


This device is a powerful gadget to invest in as it provides us with aerial photography and videography footage. Using drones is an essential part to our clients wedding videos as it brings a different dynamic and perspective. We are CAA Drone registered which mean we have a license to fly drones.


The crane is the perfect equipment for achieving a wide aerial view from a variety of heights. Due to it’s height and wide angle, it has the capability to capture the whole atmosphere. We recommend cranes for our weddings due to the fact it allows a smoother transition and movement. It can also record scenes and capture fast movement without any disruptions.